Monday, May 07, 2007

Thursday 12th March 1936

One of those happy days, somehow.

I was on the fringe of a row at the works (only on the fringe, thank heavens) and had a long, long interview with Mr. Val, which relieved the tedium of an afternoon’s work. Later, we talked of pleasanter topics, and he wishes me to come in early once or twice a week, to check on the men’s time of arrival. He talked as if he intended to re-organise the works and personnel is one of the few business subjects I have some ideas about.

Later again, he eyed me hard and said that there might be quite a future for me, in the stores. Not a bad job, running the despatch department, you know. And so forth. I tried to look suitably impressed. Then he tried hard to make me take out an insurance policy – one of the firm’s pension schemes. He worked out the benefits: “If you paid in 2/6 a week you’d draw £500 when you were 60.” I pointed out that 2/6 a week would buy two ounces of baccy. “Yes, but what have you got to show for it, afterwards?” “Happy memories, Sir!”

My work was so much in arrears after this that I cut Poly and stayed at the works until 5.45. Carter Paterson’s man said "‘ed seen me with a young lady at the Pictures, last Saturday. ‘E was in the one-and-four penny seats, just behind."
To make life still more pleasant, three ladies smiled on me, at different times between breakfast and lunch.

It is about 8 o’clock. Perhaps the day’s adventures are not over yet!


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