Monday, June 25, 2007

Saturday 16th May 1936

The beautiful riverside girl and I, have been speaking with our eyes for a fortnight. This morning we met at a point nearer Staines than is usual. I said, “Am I late or is that you are early?” She said in a low, pleasant voice “I am early”
(Blud-dy fool am I).

Missed two trains in the afternoon and reached home 3 o’clock.

Ghastly morning at the works. My typewriter is under a sheet of glass and it’s hellish hot from 11 to 12.30.

After wandering about the wharves in the Tower district, I went to the pictures with Anne. Forum, Charing Cross. There was a good shot of myself in the RNVR Guard. Right hand man of the rear rank. The audience hissed a news scene showing the Duce in Rome and Italians celebrating the Abyssinian victory. Later, they clapped a shot of Soviet troops marching-past in Moscow!

I had half-intended to tell Anne that it was all finished but I couldn’t, she was too sweet. Guess I don’t make a very efficient flirt!


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