Monday, June 25, 2007

Tuesday 28th April 1936

This week’s move, from Staines to Ealing, is going to be a fairly hectic affair.
In my usual “finicky” way, I’m trying to be as methodical as possible about it and have tabulated, on paper, my plans from Wednesday to Saturday inclusive.

Tonight, I arranged for the GWR to collect the heaviest kit : one tea chest containing nearly everything and one suit case (locked) containing diaries, letters and souvenirs. Having paid for this consignment and bought the necessary passenger’s tickets also, I find I’m left with 3/11/2d. With this I have to travel once up to Town (Royal Guard drill) and have one hair cut – I think one should be enough for this week!

I guess smoking is going to be cut down this week, too. Have got plenty of matches, two cigarettes, and a pipe-full of tobacco.


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