Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday 19th April 1936

Afternoon: The heroic Christopher took me to Town – through all the week-end traffic – to the Victoria Embankment. There I stood and gazed at HMS President. No longer an outsider… I turned to a young man beside me and said “Well, are you going to join?” He said, “I –I was thinking about it…” I showed him over the ship.
(When we stepped through the entry port the ship-keeper demanded abruptly, “Who are you?” “Ordinary Seaman 2906” “All right”.)

Afterwards, the two of us went to the “Flicks”. I left Christopher at Charing Cross. He took me to a queer little place, the Forum, under the Arches in Villiers Street.
Usually foreign pictures. We saw the “Blue Light”. All speech was German or Austrian but the important words were flashed on the screen, making it quite easy to follow.
A delightful picture, so different from the usual junk! (At the full moon, our boys kill themselves, trying to reach the "Blue Light”.) Weird story, about the legend of the Junta.

Over a cup of coffee at Lyons, we discussed one another's names. Easeman. Two years in South Africa, two years in the Tank Corps; now with a wholesale fabric firm in the City.

Easy ride back in the coolth of the night, though Trafalgar Square had seemed a long way from Richmond Road.


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