Sunday, June 10, 2007

Tuesday 7th April 1936

Bought myself a jolly good pair of grey bags – 21/- I mention this because of it’s reaction on the financial situation. My assets are again at zero.

Many years ago, as a small boy, I read one instalment of a magazine serial, “Gerald Cranston’s Lady” I remembered the title clearly; also one sentence about a car drive to Cranston’s coal mine, “He crawled through the village at a silent twenty”. Curious trick of memory, how that phrase, noticed as a boy, should come back to me periodically through the years!

Tonight I was reading “Gerald Cranston’s Lady” in book form. At last I came to that same race through the night – “They crawled through the village at a silent twenty” (My memory had made just one slip!)

Ideas have altered. Then “twenty” seemed rather fast! Now, it is indeed “crawling”!


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