Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sunday 29th March 1936

Nearly eight hours of log-like slumber; then I was called – at 9 o’clock – by Mrs Stephens.

Met Mad Willy at 10.20 on Staines Bridge. It was raining, one of those warm, clammy days. Cycled to Beaconsfield and walked across the fields; through the woods. Rather a different, shorter route than before. Cycling back, we stopped for tea at a filthy little shack. That revived me; I’d been feeling dog-tired.

We were in Staines by 7 o’clock. I’ve had a bath and dinner. Now I’d like to go to bed but guess I’ll meet Gwyn from the 11 o’clock bus, as usual. We nearly quarrelled on Friday. She is so beastly cowardly when things go wrong – self-centred. And I’m beastly superior and sneering!


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