Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Saturday 21st March 1936

First day of spring – and a lovely day!

Cycled across to Slough and met Anne Bridges; that’s not her real Christian name but suits her better. She led me to Stoke Poges to the little “country churchyard”. We sat on the monument as the sun was setting. I kissed her in a little grove of trees near there, rather hastily, just before some people came in sight (philanderer). I did not tell her I’d been to this place about a year before with a girl called Audrey. Strange that Anne should take me to the same place; she is very much like Aud in her ways.

We caught a bus at Slough and had tea at the Cheshire Cheese. Then went to the pictures and managed to get front balcony seats.

Saw her onto the bus about 11 o’clock and cycled home. (Christopher is performing nobly).

If anyone tells me there’s no such thing as fate…


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