Monday, May 07, 2007

Friday 20th March 1936

I was awake ten minutes before the alarm tinkled. Shaved, had a cup of tea and was at the works by 7.10. Typed fast and cleared up all arrears before dashing back for breakfast at 8.30. Normally, it is difficult to get a spell of straight, uninterrupted work.

Returned at 9 0’clock and helped load the Brighton van. All the day, I was able to cope with my job and help others, too.

Almost Gwyn’s last words at lunchtime were a request to read my diary – yes, this! Did not have time to ask why, or which part she was interested in. Must confess she intrigues me. Have not been so diverted from my smooth course since the first love.
Left the works at 6 o’clock and had a cup of tea and a pow-wow at Koke’s before coming home.

A long day and a short evening.


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