Monday, May 07, 2007

Sunday 15th March 1936

An all-day hike with Akel and a bloke named John. Delightful. We met at Virginia Water station, about 9.30. Had ruc-sacks – “pukka hikers”. Trespassed along the railway line, then over Callow Hill and into Windsor Park. (I made a risky crossing of the Falls, just below the edge. Stepped across on slimy stones; the splash of the fall soaked my trousers.)

Walked right around the Water and ate our sandwiches sitting on it’s edge. It was such a change of companionship, for me! Through hideous Sunningdale; over Chobham Common to the Sundial for tea. Got back to Virginia Water via Gracious pond.

After John’s train had gone, Akel and I walked back to Staines.


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