Sunday, June 10, 2007

Tuesday 21st April 1936

I had arranged to meet Anne this evening, for a walk. All day it rained…

Got away from the works soon after 5.30; called at the library for a couple of books; had tea whilst my macintosh dried before the fire. Read “Port O’ Missing Men” awhile, then cycled to Windsor, just in case –

And she came! Still raining, so we went to the Pictures. Not a bad sort, Anne. She is nearly 27 now! She says some frightfully funny things – in all seriousness!

I got back to digs by 11.45. Supper alone in the kitchen. Finished a chapter of my book and discovered I’d only one cigarette left. Always need two before breakfast so I dashed out and got a packet of Woodbines from a machine.

Have about 3/6d left. Enough for one journey to Town and twenty Players. And now, when I’ve finished my present smoke, I’ll turn out the light – and go to sleep.

PS Several days later. Actually my money went a little further than expected. In addition to the above, I bought a box of matches and five “Woods”.


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