Monday, June 25, 2007

Thursday 28th May 1936

Gwyn and I took out a punt – neither of us with any previous experience! I punted it up the Colne whilst Gwyn knelt in the bows pushing us out each time I drove into the bank. A strong current but we managed to reach the mill pool below Bell Weir Club. Nearly went too far under the fall!

On the way back, Gwyn took over and at once lost the pole. For five minutes it floated alongside whilst we drifted helplessly down stream, turning in circles. Soon afterwards I was punting very warily down the Thames. A fellow in a rum-tum called for help – his boat was sinking! At the speed of 2 knots we dashed to the rescue and arrived just as the rum-tum went down. The skuller swam ashore. After a good deal of trouble we got alongside the waterlogged craft and struggled with it until the salvage party came from the boat house.

Quite an eventful evening for two novices in a punt!


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