Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sunday 4th October 1936

Dick Young came to Ealing in the morning and we called on the unfortunate John. Rather quieter today. The poor blighter is not allowed to read, or sit up.

Coming out into Whitechapel Road at 5 o’clock, Dick and I saw a huge procession of tough looking men and women approaching. They were the victorious Communists returning from a battle with Fascists. As they marched past us they were shouting in unison, “They did not pass!”. Was delighted when the blighters began performing the Red salute, with a clenched fist! Followed them to Bethnal Green where the crowds thickened and fire engines and mounted police arrived, with obvious intentions.
“Let’s get out of this!” said Dick, clutching my arm, and eventually we did, much to my disgust.


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