Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Wednesday 20th January 1937

8:01 to Town. National Gallery, Trafalgar Square – paint not a good match to pattern. Called at head office, then went to Morroe’s, Covent Garden and University Coll. Routine inspections. Back to work 2p.m.

Evening; Travelled up early and had tea on board, for a change. Sausage and mash; I enjoyed every mouthful!

The whole of my class was mustered for examination tonight but several men were fallen out, at their own request. Although the most hopeless candidate, I fatalistically stayed where I was, in the ranks. Semaphore and morse test (flag). I got 100% and 76% respectively. Quite dud however, in morse lamp and colours of flags. We were not questioned much on meaning of flags. It was obviously intended that we should pass out…

I passed out! All candidates passed out! Had planned to get my crossed flags at the end of next month. So surprised and disgusted that I almost “stood down”, but eventually (again, fatalistically) filled in the usual request chit for advancement.

Although inclined to be a slacker, I don’t like standards being lowered. It takes the kick out of achievement.


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