Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Wednesday 24th February 1937

Phoned Egham as soon as I arrived at the office, and thanked Mr Lever for having looked after me so well. Both he and Mr Val have been damn fine people to work for.

At 4 o’clock I went to Soho Square. An interview with Mr Insoll, manging director of Sales Promotion Ltd. I was introduced to three “live wire” gentlemen, one of whom was named Rigg. (I forgot the names of the others.) A very business-like atmosphere; Dictaphone constantly being used and messengers dashing to and fro. Two hours with Rigg and another – the “field manager” – discussing the sales problems of Paripan. They arrived at the conclusion that Paripan was not a “stunt” product. It amused me that such a shocking idea should have been entertained at all!

When I arrived back at Sherwood House I spent two hours with Mr Reddall, discussing shoes and ships and sealing-wax. He wanted to know something of me! What an amazing character, contrasted with Mr Val! He eagerly told me all about himself; quite unreserved.


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