Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Monday 26th April 1937

One of those hellish cold, bleak days. My first interview was at the Palace Hotel. The foreman painter was on the roof – it was pretty draughty up there!

Fifth call: a builder at Leigh named Greenbaum. Report; - “Mr. Greenbaum has never heard of Paripan, is not interested in paint and will not discuss the matter”. Actually, this gentleman was distinctly rude and surly. Probably a Jew. I’ll see the blighter again – on a sunny day.

Seventh call: An open stock order for £4. Unfortunately Mr Goodeve could not give usual trade refs. But only private ones, as hitherto he has paid cash. Hope the order will be accepted.

Came home early for tea and later made two evening calls. George Smith (builder) was in his paddock sawing timber. A middle aged man, weather beaten like a gypsy. Looked very fit. Impulsive! After a pleasant conversation he refused to give an order for U/coat Paste. As I was getting in the car he suddenly put his tools down again and strode rapidly towards me. He re-opened the discussion and within a few minutes I took an order for 1cwt. U/coat Paste.The usual trial order is 14lbs!


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