Saturday, October 27, 2007

Friday 16th April 1937

Car running expenses this week have – amazingly – brought back my old friend the Financial Crisis. Had to withdraw nearly all money from the bank today in order to pay digs and get a full petrol tank for the journey home.

Not much business this morning so at 12 o’clock I came back to digs and packed my case. After lunch, two calls in Rayleigh. Then – the arterial road. Very soon I reached the outskirts of London – and ran into torrential rain. It drove at the windscreen, which was blurred despite the ticking wiper. Ilford, Edmonton and the North Circular Road. Strangely the sky brightened until wet twilight had become a sunny afternoon with dry roads.

I was at Hawthorn Court by 3:30, having on my seventh day of driving, passed a further stage in road experience – London suburbs.


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