Saturday, October 27, 2007

Tuesday 6th April 1937

On the road – or to be more correct, streets – by 10 o’clock. I wandered aimlessly for some time, wondering where to begin. Eventually found myself on the outskirts of Westcliffe and did some cold canvasses. How I longed for a car! Still stiff, feeling the effects of the weekend outing. Called on a stockist and took a 30/- order, then jumped on a tram and came back to Southend for a coffee. One more call, then I sat on the Esplanade in the sunlight writing up reports. After lunch I got busy and made six calls – the last at six o’clock. Eleven calls altogether. Not bad for a man on foot, especially as I had to call twice for an interview in two cases.

Met Vera 8p.m. Saw some thrilling bouts at the wrestling place (ringside seats). Vera loved it; holding my hand tightly and talking volubly. She looks amazingly like Peggy. Extraordinary resemblance. Almost makes me feel sentimental. Awful, isn’t it?

Missed the last bus to Benfleet and the last train. Chartered a taxi for 10/-. Got home again 1 o’clock. Believe this is my most expensive evening!


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