Friday, October 26, 2007

Thursday 1st April 1937

No orders today. A bad start – we did not get on the road until 11o’clock.
This bungalow life is a mistake, shall leave this lunchtime; called on Miss Tredget, Herbert Grove, Southend, and arranged digs for next week. She was recommended to me by Harris, long ago.

Afternoon; frustration.

Evening; called on the Canvey TA drill hall. Ungainly looking youths marching about. This is a new unit and most of the men are still recruits. The Sergeant Major and Captain Fielder (in private life a builder!) seemed surprised I should wish to join in the ranks. “Of course, the RNVR has got a very high standard” said the SM “We get all sorts here you know”. This is a RA (Heavy) Battery. Eventually they will be equipped with guns up to 9.2, for coastal defence work.

After leaving here I phoned the EA Divisional Signals, at Southend. Arranged an interview for Monday. Back at the bungalow (it was bloody cold and cheerless). I packed my kit, ready for yet another move, and carried various cases and packages out to the car. Have paid the weeks rent and given notice of our departure.

Packy is always broke. This week he has borrowed 24/0 from me.
That leaves 3/6d, which will just cover tomorrows petrol expenses.


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