Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesday 23rd March 1937

A bad day on the road with many setbacks. Extracts from reports:- “Hillman (recommended by A. Morris as a good class builder) is a musician, not a builder.”
“Cooper and Son. Called 4p.m. Mrs Cooper said Mr Cooper would be in at 6:30. Called at 6:30. Not in. Calling tomorrow 1p.m.” “W. Rothen, decorator. Not know at this address…"

Evening: We met Packy’s friend Anne and another girl, Vera. Took them to a desolate little place, Hole Haven, to a quaint pub, “The Lobster Smack”. They both seem very keen on canvassing and speak with north-country accents. Vera is a remarkably vivacious little thing. Not quite my type but quite nice. We bought them to the bungalow afterwards. I discovered that Vera was “nice” in more ways than one. She is 22 and of an amazing innocence.

Turned in, 2:30 a.m.


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