Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesday 16th March 1937

The day started badly and we seemed to make no progress. One sale of mine which had seemed certain was spoilt by the man’s wife (he was an oil and colour man at Leigh) who came in during the discussion and turned down all suggestions. So we had an early lunch at Garons. Afterwards I purchased a very nice shirt and tie (13/-) to cheer myself up.

The afternoon was more cheerful. The first interview was Kind and Co. (builders) at Leigh. We both talked about U/ct paste and eventually booked a trial order for 7lbs at 4/3d. Later I called on a job where a row of houses was being put up, and interviewed the foreman painter. Actually, he was a partner in the sub-contractors firm. Got him quite interested in U/ct paste but just lacked the ability to close the sale. He let me demonstrate the obliteration of paste on a piece of black boarding and eventually said he would consult his partner about it.

Returning, Packy established contact with a girl in Leigh on Sea. She went into her house and smiled inanely from the bedroom window. This evening, we met her, quite by chance, in Southend, and took her with us to see some vicious all-in wresting bouts.

Packman drove her home afterwards “A lovely poke,” he said, when he returned at 12 o’clock. He doesn’t know her name!


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