Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sunday 7th March 1937

Day’s rambling with John, Margaret, Pepita and my brother Richard. Covered about 18 miles; nearly as far as last Sunday. Nearly as cold too, but no wind and much more muddy. So muddy that we all had wet feet within the first two miles. The district was Ruislip, Denham and Harefield. Quite pretty country but a bit near London.

Anyhow it was a remarkably cheap day! Fares 10d, lunch 4d, tea 9d. Margaret of course is now an official member of the Black Sheep Club. Richard and Pepita, though rather young, are probationers.

Re. the Discipline Act; in case I have not mentioned it before, the changed conditions of life caused it to be repealed some time ago! Such an Act could only be adhered to when one was in a steady routine job.


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