Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wednesday 3rd March 1937

Arrived at “The Bell” 9:15. During the journey I decided that Birmingham was a foul place. The sales gentlemen had a fairly jaundiced outlook on life. Apparently they had boozed the night before and were feeling the effects. Mr Rigg refused his breakfast, saying frankly that he wanted to be sick and couldn’t. Another gentleman, known as Toothless Tom, kept on saying, “Is it mornin’?” George Clarke however, still kept a languid interest – in women. (Last night he apparently took a girl for a car ride in the country. “She wouldn’t play” so he took her shoes off and stood her in the snow. Presumably she thoroughly enjoyed this treatment for she turned up this morning, full of enthusiasm.)

I went out with Packman, the field manager; I had met him previously in Town, with Rigg. We called at various shops in the outlying suburbs. I acting as a silent colleague. Did not sell any lard however. Messrs Kilvert’s lard appears to be a tough proposition. Coming into town again, Packy told me some good yarns about “The outfit”. They’re all worth recording but space does not permit!

Mr Markham, the Soho Square Production Manager, joined us at lunchtime.
He spent the afternoon with us, trying to discover why Kilvert’s did not sell. Apparently Markham goes out for a booze sometimes with the Company Secretary. A set formula occurs when they get tight. Markham says, “Now, Frank, come clean”. The Secretary replies “All right, we’ll get down to brass tacks”. Mr Insoll forbids them to go out together. He “can’t have two drunken buggers talking about his business”
We all met at The Bell soon after 6 o’clock and had a jolly good high tea.

NB. The people of Brum. are a barbarous lot. They spread lard on bread and eat it! Unfortunately, Curly Tail cannot be used for this purpose. Rather a snag, as far as selling is concerned.


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