Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Friday 26th February 1937

Lunch at a café in Soho, near the office. It was called “The Austrian Restaurant”. The most Austrian thing about it was the dress of the waitresses. Nice little place though.

Evening: Met John and went to Schmidt’s, the German café, near Tottenham Court Road. A very good class place, entered through a shop! Menu printed in German but we eventually ordered mushroom soup; beer; roast veal and mysterious but tasty vegetables; and strong cheese. John had a glass of Russian tea. Most of the patrons were of the student type, many obviously German.

Afterwards we called at The Fitzroy – a pub said to be as immoral as The Running Horse. To our surprise it seemed quite ordinary and respectable.

Left John at Piccadilly Circus. We added another feat to our list – ran up an escalator which was going down.


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