Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Saturday 6th March 1937

Piccadilly Circus this morning. Told Mr Percy Randall and Mr Reddell my impression of the outfit – how Whitehead had to remove his beard before joining the firm; how Rigg insisted on clean shoes; how Packman would not push a sale unless there was reasonable hope of the stuff being resold…

Then called at Soho Square. The outfit was sitting in Mr Markham’s office. Tom Holland was absent – car trouble. Packy had written a ruthless report on my possibilities as a salesman. Glancing at it, Markham said “So you think Paripan can invest money in Dawson?” He then rang Mr Reddell. “What? Yes, he’s in the office but not in the room.” I hastened to make his statement literally true. When I came back, Markham said, “I’ve given you an entirely unsolicited – I mean undeserved – testimonial and it’ll cost you drinks each time you meet me”.


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