Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Monday 15th March 1937

Packman and I visited the works this morning. Sunny day with a cold wind; the floods were up at the end of Runnymede. A rather chaotic few hours, whilst poor Packy was bewildered by lots of far too technical advice from Mr Lever and Mr Val.

I saw Miss Walmsley – once when we arrived and I went in to inquire…(“Mr Dawson to see Mr Lever”). Just the sight of her upset me again, set me wondering and doubting. What a fool!

We made a hasty tour of the works. I would have liked to stop and talk to them all – just a few words. Dodger Jones, Mr Ellis, Able seaman Simpkins, Mad Willy, Jack Searle. A hasty snatch of conversation with Harris; gave him this address. He might know of some decent digs.

Lunch at Jock’s Box, on the Great West Road. Arrived Southend 4:30 p.m. Since tea, with one break, I’ve been sitting here checking up our calls and planning theis weeks work. The one exception was a “quick one” at the Victory with Packman.
Esther said she was glad we had come as she couldn’t keep tomorrow’s appointment cos it was her mother’s birthday. The rendezvous had been Benfleet station. “If we hadn’t seen her tonight we’d have been waiting at bloody Benfleet ad infinitum,” said I. Packman suddenly realised it too. “The little bitch!” he growled.


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