Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Thursday 11th March 1937

Eleven calls today. 7 of mine, 2 of Packman’s, 2 joint efforts. Benfleet - boat builders, smell of tarred hemp. Interviewed by a nautical type of man. Able to talk and interest him in filler paste. Over the bridge to Canvey Island, flat marshland and saltings. Cheap looking property. Building and road activity. Climbed onto the sea wall and saw waves breaking just below; saw a lighthouse on piles, the Kent coast. And a ship passing down the Estuary. Canvey Island! A little less civilized than Southend; I like it.

Called on two prospects here, Johnstone, a builder and Holmes, a builders merchants.
Summary of the day; I am able to talk easily.

Rainy evening. Packman took me out in the car, crawling along the gutter without success. Went to the Victory Bar, Palace Hotel, as recommended by Harris. Large bar, constructed to represent “the middle deck” of Nelson’s flagship. We wandered between here and the Garden Bar, next door, until closing time. Very little business in the Victory. Got friendly with barmaid Esther. She has interesting eyes and a refined voice. Packman arranged for her to meet us next Tuesday and to bring a friend. The friend is an unknown quality, but who will Esther favour? Psychologically amusing to see. She was very impartial tonight.

Last weeks pay arrived by post this morning. Four crisp £1 notes! £208 per annum.


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