Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Monday 22nd March 1937

Packy arrived at 9 o’clock and we set off for Canvey. Nearly lunchtime before we arrived in my territory – some difficulty in finding the way. Soon after lunch, at Pitsea, I sold a small quantity of U/ct. paste to a builder, thus starting the weeks business. Reached Benfleet in the late afternoon, having made 12 calls. Packy “established contact” with a canvasser’s supervisor named Anne, whom he had met in Birmingham.

Reached our bungalow at 6 o’clock, having bought groceries en route. Packy, with unexpected resourcefulness, prepared a satisfactory high tea of fried sausages, chips and onions. Afterwards we went for a walk along the Leigh Beck sea wall.
It struck me as romantic – the barren loneliness, the slow swishing waves, lights of ships and an intermittent flash and bell like sound from a lighthouse. But it was bloody cold! We had a glass of beer each in a pub, then dashed across the island by car to The Haystack for another drink before closing time (10p.m.). Then we returned – it was bloody cold in the bungalow too – and decided we were a couple of silly bah-studs to have ever come to this desolate Island.

11:15 - I’ll have a wash then go to bed and hope that bed proves warmer than the kitchen, where I’m sitting now.


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