Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wednesday 17th March 1937

The third entry on today’s report sheet was “Mr A.L.Page, Hadleigh Builders Supply, Hadleigh, Essex. No. Yes” The word “no” meant he was not a stockist; the word “yes” meant that I obtained an order. My first solo order! What a delicious moment when, after half an hours conversation, Mr Page said, “Well, I think I’ll take some Piccadilly!”

We went across into Canvey Island. Our combined efforts sold a keg of distemper to Johnstone the builder. Wandering in search of prospects, we found a bungalow (furnished) to let and booked it for next week.

Went to Garons for supper this evening and saw Esther with her boy friend. This was supposed to be the night of her mother’s birthday party, in Canvey – and here she was, come in for refreshments during a dance interval. Later Packy joined me and I pointed out the apparition. He showed slight annoyance but no surprise. “I’ll poke her for this”, he said grimly.


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