Saturday, October 27, 2007

Friday 2nd April 1937

A grey and miserable day. (“Fitting weather for our departure from this bloody place”, I said as we scrambled into the car.) Took my kit to the new digs, then turned westwards. Bt 12:30 we were in Town. Lunch at an Italian café in Charlotte Street – Poggiolo’s.

Afternoon, Soho Square. Packy dictated his report, “Mr Dawson has the ability and sales experience to make a success of the Southend area… I estimate he should make 75 calls a week and have 300 good contacts at the end of five months… Will not get more than 100 contacts from the present territory. It must be increased… Mr Dawson cannot make 75 calls a week on foot and a car is really indispensable…”.

Went to a news theatre. Then met Markham. A pub-crawl followed and much intrigue and dramatic discussion under oaths of secrecy. The Blue Anchor, The Bath House. The Toby Club and The Cairo. Two dark skinned girls did a hot dance here – (“The Chocolate Drops”). Marky left us soon after 11. We then went to the Haymarket Brasserie. One can drink until midnight here – with a sandwich.

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