Saturday, October 27, 2007

Thursday 8th April 1937

After the third fruitless call this morning I was utterly tired. Simply got on a bus and went to Marine Parade. Cup of tea in a café on the front then strolled along to Garon’s for lunch. Four calls in the afternoon, two promising contacts and one which yielded a £5 order.

Back to the digs for early tea. An evening interview which will result in an order shortly. Report writing.

By 9 o’clock I was free, so went along to the Victory Bar and saw Esther. She smiled like hell as I came in and immediately began to make excuses about the evening when Packy and I saw her in Garon’s. Altogether she was very enthusiastic and spent most of her time at my end of the bar. I thoroughly enjoyed it and flirted for some time across the bar, whilst sipping two brown ales. Eventually I marched out through the swing doors. Outside, I turned and raised my hat. She was watching me. She smiled like hell. So did I.


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