Saturday, December 29, 2007

Saturday 10th July 1937

To London – the office and to Staines – the river. The trip cost something over 20/- but what of it?

My journey began with a walk across fields in the morning. Struck the road near Rochford station and travelled up by the 9:53. Liverpool Street. The Tubes. Sherwood House. Long conversation with Mr Reddall, he argues a good deal and is difficult to talk with. He gave me a piece of news which though pleasant and interesting is not, in the light of past events, surprising. Packy is now a Paripan representative attached to the London staff. Mr Reddall “understands that Sales Promotion has gone into liquidation”. There was also cheering news as regards myself. I am to receive commission – 2 1/2% on old accounts and 5% on new accounts. As I have been granted back-commission there is about £7 already due. The car becomes a possibility!

Left the office 2:15. No time for lunch; hurried to Waterloo and Staines. Called for John. There was a letter from Anne, giving a rendezvous. We had 5 minutes! Dashed to Beddell’s and took a punt. Near Staines Bridge we met Anne and a surprisingly lively friend of hers, Nicky. Punted laboriously to Egham. Heavy stream running and the wind against us.

Along the backwater at Witchery Island. Under Gwyn’s Bridge. From Witchery upstream to the Mill Pool was damn hard work. As we drifted downstream again, I eyed my companions. John was at his worst; I’ve never seen such garb! Haircut in the “Hindenburg” style. Mauve-brown trousers; ancient tweed jacket with leather padding at the elbows; red shirt, yellow tie and purple pullover.

Nicky, a daring little devil, astonishing that she should be the friend of Anne, who is so placid and correct.
Typical incident: Nicky suggested that Anne might lose her poise if we rowed her clothes. Anne said nothing, just smiled vaguely…

Tea at the Pack Horse, then went to the pictures. Left at10:30. They saw me off on the 10:49 up. Dashed across London – no time for supper – and reached Liverpool Street just before the last train pulled out. Midnight: the train rolled out of the station and the date was –


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