Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tuesday 6th July 1937

Fairly promising calls and a £2-11-0 sale. Decided I’d have an early day. Back to the digs by 2:30 with only one local call to be made. Telegram awaited me. Called at Macstan and took a small order for U/ct. Paste. A delicate situation may arise re. the Eastern Star. Macstan introduced me to the latter firm, having received an inquiry. They naturally expect a % of the orders taken. They will not get it. Mr Marston of Eastern Star wished to deal direct and in any case, our price was cut too fine to allow of any discount to merchants.

Rang office as requested. Jones is coming to Hawkwell to demonstrate! (Mad Willy!) Made arrangements. Phoned from Timewells. Query arose re. recent order for Marine Enamel. Slight overcharge.. Promised to clear this up and gave Mr Timewell a brief sales talk.

Hasty tea; report writing. Southend, to look up timetables. Finished work at 7:30 and called on Travers, at Herbert Grove. We went to the “pictures”. Cycled home, to the quiet country. Arrived 11 o’clock.


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