Thursday, December 20, 2007

“- In Our Time -”

On Thursday June 3rd – a sequel to stirring events at the close of 1936 – a marriage took place in France. The Duke of Windsor, ex-king of England, married Bessie Simpson, American divorcee. There was a religious service, performed by an obscure north-country parson named Jardine. He acted alone, in defiance of the attitude of his Church. Salute Jardine! He had pluck!

…The Duke and Duchess of Windsor arrived at Noetsche (Austria) this morning…

Spain: After days of suspense and rumours, the definite news came through on Sunday, June 20th. Bilbas had fallen. The victorious “Spanish Nationalists” – mostly Italians and Germans if the truth were known – entered the town. The incessant weeks of bombing must have reduced Bilbas to ruins. Hysterical scenes in the Basque children’s camp at Southampton… The poor little devils nearly went crazy.

A crushing defeat for the Basques. A glorious victory for Franco, Hitler and Mussolini. But the Basques had no planes.


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