Thursday, December 20, 2007

Monday 28th June 1937

A good day. 12 calls. Collected a cheque £4-7-9 from a doubtful client. Admittedly, the cheque was post-dated but still… it’s only a week. Took three orders (one new account) totalling £15-0-0. Admittedly, one was from a doubtful client, but I think the Company will accept.

The third order was blind luck. I cycled to Rodean from Bentall Estate – just a social call. Adjoining Eastwoodbury Church was a charming old house, obviously the Vicarage. I went in to see if the parson would care to specify Paripan for his wooden church steeple sometime. But it was not the Vicarage! A roughly dressed, roughly spoken man (a war profiteer!) lived at Bury Priory, as the place was called. My visit was at the psychological moment however. His son had just built a twelve foot dinghy. It required painting. Took an order for Paripan Marine Enamel.
Gave it to Timewell, who keeps the stores just opposite. He is a small paint stockist and I owed him a good turn. His son found digs for me. That small order means 4/6 to him – and put my turnover up by 21/-.

Home before 5 o’clock. Hasty cups of tea, cigarettes and “office work” Straightened chaos into orderliness by 7 o’clock. A pleasant task.


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