Saturday, December 15, 2007

Saturday 19th June 1937

Cold day, not June-like at all. Having received my salary and the two weeks expenses this morning I put the latter in the bank untouched, bringing my account to 30/-. From my salary I paid digs, laundry bills; purchased 110 cigarettes and 50 matches. There still remains £2-5-9 so I’ll be able to meet Anne tomorrow.

In my change at the bank I received one of the new threepenny pieces. A curious coin; bronze alloy, it is not round but twelve sided and extremely thick. It will stand on edge. Contrast to those silly little “bits” we had before!

Sent off my first income tax return today. Not very thrilled about it. A check up on the past year showed how my salary has risen: July 1936 - £2-15-0. January 1937 - £3-0-0. March 1937 - £4-0-0. Now it stands at £208 per annum! Up to April my total years income was £150-15-0. I carefully examined the clauses on the return which dealt with “reliefs” and “deductions” but found nothing applicable. I calculate that I’ll have to pay about £14 in tax but my arithmetic is very bad. Perhaps I made a mistake. Hope so!


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