Saturday, December 15, 2007

Friday 18th June 1937

Until today, the week’s turnover totalled £6-18-0. None of these were new accounts and one was a doubtful account, requiring a pro-forma invoice.

This morning I started late and did a country round. Eastwood, Rochford. Nearly lunchtime when I left Rochford, after a lengthy gossip with a Starline salesman and the manager of a shop which was closing down. At the very small village of Stanbridge I found a pleasant café with a car park and the trout streams adjoining. One can take a boat along the stream for 6d an hour! Surprising to find such a place in the desolate parts of Essex.

Reached Canewdon. Had to wait a long time for my interview. No sale. Cycled to Hockley. Bought an ice-cream on the way. This left me with a few matches, a few cigarettes and four pence. I got an order at Hockley. A trial order for U/coat paste. New client! Cycled to Rayleigh, called on a builder. Took an order for four gallons of Glacier. New client!

Then dashed to Hall’s, the merchant’s, and proudly handed in the two orders, which they of course, gave a covering order for. £2-18-0 to add to the weeks list. It was a lucky hour really, cos if those two customers give repeat orders, Hall’s will undoubtedly take a stock.

Bought 10 Woodbines at 4d. After tea I withdrew £3 from my little reserve and called at Squier’s for my new grey suit. Had £2-19-6 still to pay. That left 6d. I bought another packet of Woodbines and a stamp for mailing my reports to the office.

The budget balanced – just!


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