Saturday, December 15, 2007

Wednesday 2nd June 1937

Called at the Prittlewell drill hall tonight – HQ of “D” Company. Discipline here was very different – every whit as strict as that of the RNVR. Anyhow – I’m joining the Rochford platoon if I join at all. The matter is out of my hands, literally in the lap of the gods.

Major Ditton, the CO of “D” Co. (these complicated military titles!) has got all information necessary and is going to instruct the Adjutant (still a mysterious figure) to get in touch with HMS President re. my discharge. He also holds two letters from HMS President stating that a rating cannot transfer to the Territorial Army but that I may be discharged for business reasons etc, etc.

In the meantime, apparently, I can carry out drills so apparently Fate ordains that I become a Private in the 4th Batt. The Essex Regt. “D” Company (S) (The Rochford Platoon) Territorial Army. I do not intend to write the full title of my unit very often. Takes too much ink. In any case, I think I’ve mixed the title up!


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