Friday, December 14, 2007

Saturday 29th May 1937

Called at the headquarters of “D” Company, 4th Batt. The Essex Regiment. Made enquiries re. the new platoon at Rochford. Two things against joining this unit –

1) The platoon commander is manager of Williams and Howard – local paint firm and our competitors.

2) It is an infantry unit – worse still, it specialises in machine guns only; there are no signallers, no riflemen. Nevertheless, the Sergeant Major kind of sold me the idea so I’ll leave it in the lap of the Gods. If they accept me without discharge papers, I’ll join next Monday.

I have somewhat rashly ordered a grey flannel suit at Squiers. Cost will be about 80/- so meanwhile I’m living as quietly as possible. Have told Squiers that I’ve been called away from the district on business and therefore the fitting (and paying!) will be delayed a week or two.

The attractions of a low class seaside resort in the summer are not obvious to me. Hordes of uneducated throng High Street – litter High Street with their ugly bodies. Trippers, blast them.
A large percentage of Jews and loudly dressed, loud mouthed tykes. And the sweating families straggling along – “Oo our Mam, I wanna ice, I wanna ice” What a holiday for Mam!


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