Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tuesday 11th May 1937

An agonising country journey, suitcase strapped to the carrier. Wearing mackintosh and hat I sweated and shivered alternately. Rain began at Benfleet. I was soon very wet. Dreary Canvey island. Lunch here, and fruitless sales calls, then a weary ride to Vange and Laindon Hills. No orders at all. A Laindon Hills customer, after complaining about our method of financial enquires, asked me indoors for a cup of tea. It had stopped raining. My clothes gradually dried.

Reached digs about 8 o’clock, tired and stiff. Two telegrams awaited me: “Shall join 6:30 party – Dick” and “OK at 6:30 – Anne” Thank heavens for that, anyhow!


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