Thursday, November 22, 2007

Saturday 1st May 1937

London is getting ready for the Coronation of King George the Sixth. Flags and bunting and many foreign visitors. All London busmen went on strike today.

When I arrived at Sales Promotions office I was told that they needed the car. Some obscure connection with the strike. I had put the car in the Poland Street roof-park. I brought it down, parked in Soho Square, gave the switch key to Mr Insoll.

A fairly gloomy morning at Sherwood House. Macstan and Goodeve orders turned down as references were not satisfactory. One of my memos had been misunderstood. The Modern Hanes display order had not been put through at all. There was quibbling about my expenses!

Eventually decided I shall not have a car yet. Am to work the area on foot. Well, it will not bloody well stop me making a success of the job!


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