Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tuesday 27th April 1937

Started rather late this morning – bad self-discipline.

Country journey. A delightful day of spring. Now, lunch time, I am at Langdon Hills. I am sitting on an old tree- trunk by the roadside, on the slope of a hill with green hedges. Nearby is a quaint red roofed church with a little wooden steeple. The sun is very warm. I can hear the song of many birds; wood being chopped, a dog barking in the distance; vague voices from a cottage garden. The country at noon time!

10 o’clock by the time I had finished reports and posted them. Late start – late finish! My smoking is getting worse. About 30 today, as usual. My church yard cough is hellish. Must now start to cut down smoking. 16 cigarettes shall be the limit tomorrow!

Glad to say I took an order from the builder at Laindon Hills whom I saw last week. He “lost interest” then, when he discovered we had not got a local stockist. Today he gave an order - £1-2-9.


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