Thursday, November 22, 2007

Sunday 9th May 1937

Blacksheep meeting at Hawthorn Court, re. the Coronation. Margaret, Pepita, John, Richard, Lucien, Dick Young and myself. Also two newcomers, friends of Lucien’s – Lisle and Johanen ( a rather bewildered Dane). Dick Young and I were against the plan to stand for hours in the streets, with object of seeing the Procession.

At length, Margaret decided to turn up for the evening only but we could not shake the others – including Richard and Pepita, the silly asses. So we’ve divided into two parties, meeting in the late afternoon of Coronation Day. Dick Young won’t come at all. I’d like to record here that the idea of a 12 hours stand in crowds is fatuous and if not definitely injurious is sure to spoil the evenings gaiety.
Only wish I could have dissuaded some of the others.


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