Thursday, November 22, 2007

Saturday 8th May 1937

The Sales Promotion contract has now expired and is not to be renewed. Called on HFJ for a pleasant chat and mutual felicitations. Tact was necessary as there is a certain amount of antagonism between HFJ and FCR. Left Sherwood House about 12:30. No more visits except when necessary. I’m glad! Some of them have been a waste of time.

Afternoon: Went to Town with Anne. Tea at the Austrian. I reminded her, we had parted because I was broke. Now I’d come back, cos I wasn’t broke. She blushed charmingly. We strolled through Soho, saw a German film at Studio One. Arm in arm amid the dense crowds in Oxford Street, looking at Coronation decorations. Very near now and there are already signs of the return of that thrilling Jubilee spirit. Home 1 o’clock. Had supper and read a book in bed by flashlight. It was one of Dick’s old school stories. I read until I was ready to fall asleep.


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