Thursday, November 22, 2007

Wednesday 5th May 1937

There was a letter from Anne this morning – as far as I’m concerned, absence has made the heart grow fonder, so I was quite pleased when the letter opened; - “Yes! I’ll allow you to collect me on Sat. as early as you like”.

There was also a bulky envelope from Sherwood House, containing memos, copies of letters, orders and so forth. For the first time I was definitely encouraged. Having glanced through the mail I could see that my enquiries were being followed up and my reports noted. So after breakfast I called on Macstans in a happy mood. Both the partners were damned annoyed when they realised Paripan did not intend to give then an account! The discussion went on for half an hour and at last – Lord knows how! – I got both partners to agree to settle half the account before delivery. Immediately telephoned London – and after a rapid consultation with a cashier, Mr Reddall accepted the order!

Telephoned Gilbert at Benfleet and took an order for £1-1-0 Then came back to the digs to do some office work! Visited Goodeve at lunchtime. This is a very different case to Macstan. Goodeve has probably no capital at all. The name Paripan was obviously beginning to stink in his nostrils but I eventually got him placated and then suggested he settle the whole account before delivery. Rather unusual in the case of a stock for a shop! However, I’m to call back. If he does not accept the proposition it’s because he’s broke.

In the afternoon I visited West Road, Westcliff – without success. West Road, Westcliff irritates me. In this road, besides several builders and an ironmonger, are three good-class merchants – all close together. One of those three buggers is bloody well going to stock Paripan before I’m satisfied.


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