Thursday, November 22, 2007

Monday 10th May 1937

Did not travel to Southend last night. It was foolish. One of the periodical scenes between Mr NC Dawson and his useless son occurred this morning. Angry words until Mother was in tears. It is not my custom to mention home affairs but it was necessary to write of this.

Travelled to Southend by the 9:35 from Ealing Common. Spent the time reading, smoking and writing. Reached digs about noon, had lunch, wrote to Anne and my brother Richard, regarding Coronation Day. I warned Anne not to ring Hawthorn Court as I should not be there. I told Dick that if he insisted on seeing the procession I would turn out also. These letters should be answered by two telegrams. Time is short.

In the afternoon I did not get an order or even an encouraging interview. Returning despondent to the digs, I glanced out to sea – and saw grim, dark shapes looming in the mist. The Fleet was in the Estuary!

Went to the Pictures after tea. Musical, so I soon felt better. Guess I’ll be OK tomorrow – last day before Coronation. I’ll push bike over the country round.


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