Thursday, November 22, 2007

Wednesday 19th May 1937

Eastwood, Rayleigh and Benfleet by cycle. Drizzled when I set forth; it was soon raining heavily. “Blast” I thought, “It shall not be another bloody flop!” It wasn’t altogether. I took one small order and there were many promising calls – the first since May 7th. I’ve been a fool to plod around the beaten track lately, making recalls on people who were stalling.

Today I tried a different method – cold canvassing – and got more hopeful results.
At lunchtime, the rain stopped. Found Underwood, the boat builder, pretty savage (“Hostile reception here…”). After having given two trade refs. With his recent order he received a pro-forma invoice. Furthermore, he had toothache! However I smoothed things and was able to conclude the report – “Contact still pleasant. Am to call next week”. This order may still be saved.


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