Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tuesday 25th May 1937

I had promised to send Mother the copies of any orders taken today – her birthday.
Was able to send her four copies! The third day of a blazing heat wave.

After securing two orders in the morning, I left Thundersley at about 3 o’clock. Decided to have a rest until teatime, then make an evening call. Bought a newspaper. Too hot to make any more calls. I’d cycle to Canvey and lie on the beach, reading!
My lazy plans were upset in a most satisfactory way. Passing through Benfleet, I saluted one of my smaller customers. He shouted, “Oi!” I went back. Got a 10/- order, urgent, to be passed through our Hadleigh stockist. Up the hill into Hadleigh, three miles away, frightfully pleased to be taking an order to Mr Page.
A Salvation Army officer was in the shop. As soon as he’d gone Mr page dashed across. A devilish urgent order for 2 cwt. water paint and 3 gals. Petrifying liquid. (My turnover rose 82/-!)

Apparently 150 Basque children – refugees from Spain – are coming to the SA Colony on Monday. The place must be ready by then. I immediately telephoned both orders to the office. Took a further stock order from Mr Page afterwards, bringing the days total to £9-11-0. By this time it was about 5:30 so I forgot Canvey Island – and the evening call – and cycled home singing in strict rotation – “Not a care in the world, not a cloud in the skies” and “Will you hear a Spanish lady, how she loved an English man?”

Felt so full of joie de vivre that I ignored Palace Hill – cycled straight up!

PS I’m becoming sunburnt. Feel more fit since the car has been denied me.


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