Saturday, December 15, 2007

Monday 31st May 1937

Cycled to Rochford this evening. (“Ah! This is better!” I thought, as I got clear of Southend and began to smell the country.)

I certainly like the men of the 4th Batt. The Essex Regt. “D” (S) Company – Machine Gun Platoon, Rochford. Essentially friendly and not too harsh. (“Good evening” said a sergeant. “So you’d like to join us? I’ll introduce you to the officer.” Imagine an RNVR P.O. making that speech to a New Entry!)

Lieutenant Feast (of Williams and Howard) considered the question of my previous service and admitted it was “rather awkward”. Am to call at the Prittlewell drill hall on Wednesday, to hear what has happened. I guess I’ll be allowed to join or that suitable arrangements will be made.
The Lieutenant called me “old man”! A RNVR Sub. Would not do that! Altogether my reception was amazingly different to that I received on board HMS President. Reason – RNVR was over strength. TA is under strength.


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