Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sunday 1st August 1937

Although the troop train did not leave Watchet until about 11 o’clock, we had to turn out at 5:30. In best SD dress, we hung about the camp or did fatigues, until 10 o’clock, when we paraded for the march.

193 Battery seemed sadly depleted; so many men had already gone home. I shared a compartment with Tree, White and Lee. The 193 coaches were not crowded – MacRae slept soundly, alone in a carriage! After leaving Taunton, Tree and I found a nice peaceful carriage to ourselves. We smoked, ate our ration, cleaned our equipment. I took off my puttees and was very comfortable. 193 left the train at Stratford, said “cheerio” to 164 and 167. Reached Southend 6 o’clock. There were a dozen in my bus. Judd left us, old Warner, Mann, Autie, MacRae, Tree.

At the drill hall, Stock the BSM, Sergt. Crawford and myself alone remained. I got my push bike from the Battery Office. Kit bag on my handle bars I cycled down the gentle hill into Eastwoodbury.


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