Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday 14th October 1937

There is a good deal of luck attached to paint selling. The most important thing (in the case of new clients especially) is to see the right man at the right moment. It rarely occurs but when it does one senses a 'click!' in the mental atmosphere and knows the chance of obtaining an order is more than 50 – 50.

Today, for instance, I made my first call on a decorator named Potts. He considered our products. “No, I don’t think we can do any business”, he said quite definitely, edging towards the door. He wanted to take his little boy to school. The right man at the wrong moment! I drove the boy to his school – with Mr Potts – and returning, took an order for 2 gallons SO Paint and 14 lbs. U/Coat Paste. Curious!

On April 14th I called on a “Westcliff builder” and simply worried and badgered him into ordering a small tin of U/Coat Paste. I still think he gave that order because my excitement and enthusiasm amused him! Since then, that firm,(Taylor and Moore) has used 3cwt. of U/Coat Paste White. Now, I’m trying to get a contract for Egham Paint. Mr Taylor has accepted a sample but I did not think it would really be tested. However, I called this evening just as he also arrived. The sample had been tested and obviously had made an impression. “Send me a sample of Glacier and a sample of Piccadilly, before I decide” he said. Well, if it’s only a case of competing with our own products..! Having been through the Works, I knew which of those three paints is the best bargain.

This evening I made a journey and broke a fantastic vow. On June 9th I looked across the Crouch at land which was out of my territory and determined that when that country had been annexed I would cross the Crouch by boat! Tonight, however I made the prospecting tour of the area north of the river – by car. A straggling piece of country on the road to nowhere, with Burnham on Crouch the only town. I looked across the river and saw three red lights high in the air. The wireless masts at Canewdon. In Area “A” seen from Area “B”.


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